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Party agitating against Lisbon Treaty seeks candidates for European Parliament elections in Lithuania



Libertas, a pan-European political movement, speaking against the Lisbon Treaty, has launched consultations with possible candidates, who would represent the movement in the European Parliament elections in Lithuania, Declan Ganley, a businessman from Ireland and the chairman and establisher of Libertas, who arrived in Vilnius on Tuesday, said.

Libertas, which was recorded as a political party last year, successfully implemented its campaign against the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland. According to Ganley, a decision is soon to be made whether to establish a new Libertas party in Lithuania or to use the structure of some existing political party and to change its name.

"We are talking to a number of people at the moment and we intend to continue these talks. We have made no decisions on that yet. Discussions take place with a number of different groups and individuals. I cannot mention names yet," Ganley said at a news conference in Vilnius.

According to the head of the party, there may be well-known people among the candidates.

When commenting the ideas of Libertas, Ganley said that purportedly decisions in the EU are being made by non-elected bureaucrats and the Lisbon Treaty would strip the people of the possibility to express their opinion.

"Brussels does not trust you, it does not want to hear your voice, because it thinks that you are too foolish to know your interests,", Libertas head said. According to Ganley, if the Lisbon Treaty is passed, the nationals' opinion will be considered even less.

In the light of the "no" said to the treaty in the referendum in Ireland, the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in the EU has been stuck. The Lithuanian authority claims that the treaty is useful to Lithuania, because it opens ways for closer cooperation in areas important to Lithuania, including energy issues.

The elections into the European Parliament will take place on June 7.




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