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17th Baltic Development Forum Summit

What meaning does the Baltic Sea Region hold in a world of new collaboration paradigms, and how does it meet the challenges of global competition? Do we exploit fully the potential for business and investments, and how is this matched by political priorities? Exploring a more compact, focused and business oriented format this year, the 17th edition of the Baltic Development Forum Summit will seek to organise the most inspiring discussions that can explore the state of the Baltic Sea Region in full. Join us as we zoom in on the core issues in this regional landscape.

Since 1999 the annual BDF Summits have provided a meeting place for top representatives from business, politics, academia and civil society, offering a high-level and well-known platform for policy formulation, business matchmaking and cross-sectorial dialogue in the Baltic Sea Region. The 17th BDF Summit is expected to attract 400 of the Baltic Sea Region’s most important decision-makers.

Baltic Development Forum will provide and launch a number of unique publications as input to the discussions, most notably the 12th edition of the State of the Region Report as well as two publications exploring the state of the digital economy as well as the digital single market.




Asiatisk Plads 2G, Copenhagen
17th Baltic Development Forum Summit
Asiatisk Plads 2G, Copenhagen